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Take Back The Reins After A Domestic Violence Arrest

Being accused of domestic violence is distressing in many ways. Raw emotions in your personal relationship combined with fear of legal consequences can seem overwhelming. Your sense of urgency is a good thing if it motivates you to get the legal counsel you need. At the Law Office of Scott N. Richardson, P.A., in West Palm Beach, you will find reassurance and clear direction about how to put this behind you as soon as you can.

Do not delay getting your defense underway after a domestic violence arrest. Call now to arrange to meet with a skilled, respected defense lawyer. Call 561-295-7720 or email us to request a consultation.

What Is At Risk?

You no doubt realize the seriousness of domestic violence accusations. Depending on your situation, you may stand to lose:

  • Your freedom: You may spend time in jail.
  • Your clean record: A domestic abuse misdemeanor or felony on your record can harm your career and overall reputation.
  • Your home: You may be barred from stepping foot on your own property if your wife or husband brings a spousal abuse complaint and obtains an order of protection.
  • Time with your children: You may lose access to your children at home and a child custody order may become skewed against you.
  • Your financial soundness: You may be required to pay high penalties. You may be required to pay for expensive anger management therapy. Losing your home base may complicate your business affairs.
  • Your right to bear arms: Do you value your ability to hunt or protect yourself and your property with firearms? You may lose the right to own a gun.

Any one of these is a strong reason to get the best legal representation you can find. Added together, these potential losses can drastically alter your lifestyle. Hiring a skilled, respected criminal defense lawyer is in your best interests. With more than 40 years of experience, attorney Scott N. Richardson is well-qualified to vigorously defend you.

Get Answers And Help Now

Mr. Richardson skillfully advises both high-profile and less-well-known individuals in domestic violence and other types of assault and battery cases. Discuss your charges with him and work with him toward a vigorous defense. Get out of jail or stay out of jail. Protect your freedoms and your future. Call 561-295-7720 or send an email inquiry.

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