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Take A Stand For Your Rights When Accused Of Homicide

Some of the most serious criminal charges are those having to do with someone’s death that may have been the result of actions of the accused. Alleged assault, aggravated assault and vehicular homicide are all examples of circumstances that can lead to an arrest and criminal charges of homicide. Law enforcement agents, prosecutors and judges often seem to want to find a scapegoat to take the blame after someone has been killed under suspicious circumstances.

Take your criminal matter seriously. Tap into defense lawyer Scott N. Richardson’s 40-plus years of experience. Get an aggressive defense on your behalf underway when you have been named as a suspect or a “person of interest” in a homicide case. Call 561-295-7720 or complete our contact form to schedule your confidential meeting with Mr. Richardson.

Types Of Crime Defined By Someone’s Death

Varieties of violent crime charges that may be brought after a person’s death include:

  • Homicide
  • Manslaughter
  • Vehicular manslaughter
  • Murder
  • First-degree murder

If you are under investigation or have been arrested on charges such as these, you need qualified legal counsel as soon as possible. Protect your freedom and your future by working with an experienced lawyer such as Scott N. Richardson in West Palm Beach. Mr. Richardson and our whole law firm are ready to defend your constitutional rights after any alleged assault resulting in someone’s death.

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

We urge you not to discuss your legal matter or the incident leading to your arrest with anyone but a defense lawyer. Mr. Richardson is ready to investigate the facts in detail and work with you to devise a strong defense. The stakes are high. If you receive a conviction, you will likely do jail or prison time. You will likely pay large penalties. Your reputation will likely suffer, as you will be known as “the killer” of the person who died because of alleged actions of yours.

On the other hand, if your case is dismissed or if you are declared innocent by a judge or jury, you may look forward to returning to your life as you knew it before the homicide case. Our goal at the Law Office of Scott N. Richardson, P.A., is to help our clients turn the corner and get past their legal problems.

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