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West Palm Beach Criminal Defense Lawyer / Blog / Property Crime Charges / Is lying about a product or service to sell it really a criminal act?

Is lying about a product or service to sell it really a criminal act?

A good salesperson knows how to say what a potential customer wants to hear. They find a way to make a product seem desirable based on someone’s needs or personality. However, while someone closing a sale could exaggerate or even attempt to verbally manipulate a potential buyer, the seller is not supposed to outright lie. 

The public has a right to accurate information about what a product does or how a company will bill a customer for a service. When someone selling a product or service intentionally misrepresents a product, its costs or its effect, that salesperson may have crossed the line into fraud.

False pretenses and swindling

Law enforcement agencies in Florida actively pursue allegations of fraud in many different forms. People intentionally misrepresenting information in order to deprive someone else of their money or other goods in trade are said to commit a criminal act.

If the state can gather evidence of someone intentionally misrepresenting a product, the state may be able to bring fraud charges against the individual or business making inaccurate claims to potential customers or clients. 

Fraud is a form of property crime or theft that, upon conviction, can carry jail time and could impact your future professional and business opportunities. To mount your strongest possible defense against fraud charges, it is crucial to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

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